The Alphabet for High Achievers
 by: Steve Brunkhorst


A im for what you want by focusing clearly on priorities.


B elieve in yourself and your goals, and then begin to strive for them.


C ount your blessings, create opportunities, and commit to faith-driven action.


D ream big dreams, design a plan, and dedicate yourself to excellence.


E nergize yourself with positive thoughts, and expect daily miracles and victories.


F ollow through with faith-driven action, and forgive mistakes of the past.


G ive time, energy and extra effort, and give thanks for all that you have and will receive.


H old on to your dreams with desire and faith through the long winters of life.


I magine yourself as successful, and release thoughts of fear that would limit you.


J ourney out of your comfort zone to acquire new knowledge and greater rewards.


K eep moving forward little by little, gaining new wisdom and courage each day.


I mplement strategies that work, and toss those that don't work.


L ove yourself enough to take good care of you so that you'll be able to take care of those you love.


M ake room for the most important things first, and move into action when the time is right.


N egotiate with others so that everyone wins.


O pen the eyes of your spirit, and see the good in others and in life.


P ractice the skills needed to propel you to the level of excellence.


Q uestion things you may need to remove, and increase energy by living in a stress-free environment.


R ecognize favorable circumstances, ride each wave with courage, and rest to renew your energy.


S tand firm on your commitment to excellence. Seek out the people and information that can help you succeed.


T hank God for all blessings, take control of your time, and tackle each problem with integrity.

U ncover your talents, unleash your creative spirit, and unite with God's purpose for your life.


V isualize your objectives as already achieved, and give thanks for their attainment.


W ake up to each new day of adventure, and wash out negative thoughts with positive prayers.


X cell by examining your results daily, and making adjustments in your actions as needed.


Y ield to your purpose and values, living each day with the faith and knowledge that you were created as a unique and valuable person.


Z ero in on your targets, and move toward them with desire, dedication, commitment, and faith.


Wishing you many great achievements!


Steve Brunkhorst


This is my own version of a popular alphabet exercise that can be applied to any topic. Give it a try by writing action words aimed at a specific goal or project you are involved with. It's a great self-motivator and idea generator.


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