Top Ten methods for never achieving your Goals
 by: Sarah Pond, Life Coach


Top Ten methods to never achieve your goals:


1. Be really vague about it. Do not get specific about what you want to achieve.


2. Keep it a secret. Never tell a soul about your dreams for the future - not even yourself.


3. Hang around people who also aren't going for their goals. Success is contagious, so stay away from anyone who has clear goals and a plan to achieve them.


4. Never, EVER write down your goals. The mere act of writing down your goals is a giant step toward achieving them, so this is a big no-no.


5. Listen to all your fears and doubts. If you accidentally find yourself moving toward a goal, quickly give in to your fears and doubts - after all, fear is stronger than you, right?


6. Give up the instant you are faced with an obstacle. Any obstacle is a sure sign that you should not proceed with your goals.


7. Take the advice of anyone who thinks your goals are ill-advised / impossible / improper / wrong / crazy / unaffordable / naive. Everybody knows that cynicism is more realistic than imagination.


8. Never, EVER take a risk. Stay in your comfort zone, it's much safer.


9. Do not start anything until you are 100% sure of the outcome. Wait until all conditions are "perfect" and you know exactly how it will turn out.


10. See unexpected results for what they really are: failure. Not all results will be what you wanted and therefore you are a failure and your life is a failure. You may as well give up now.


Follow these simple rules and you can settle for anything!


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