Reclaiming Our Resilient Spirit
 by: Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE


Our spirits are taking a beating. The daily barrage of bad news, violence, shrinking resources, global warming, and economic slowdown can put us in a state of frustration and paralysis. Some days, getting out of bed can be a challenge.


Within the word "resilience" are actions we can take to reclaim our bounce-back ability.


R: Remember to breathe. The ability to calm down is critical in order to take stock and move forward.


E: Enlist support of others. Love people and be lovable in return. A supportive family (whether genetic or hand-picked) is what keeps people alive. The English word wretched comes from the Middle English word wrecche which means "without kin nearby."


S: Stay focused. Intentionality lays the groundwork for what we want in our life. See it, say it and claim it. Don't let external forces cloud your vision.


I: Identify your strengths. Energy and good health are two of the most essential ingredients in resiliency. Work on your physical well being first because it is the quickest way to gain control over a world that is uncontrollable.


L: Laugh out loud. You'll be amazed at the looks you get. And you'll feel better.


I: Insist on optimism. Positive mental health comes from the ability to reframe a situation. This is not the Pollyanna or head-in-sand avoidance of reality but rather a recall of ways in which you have handled similar situations.


E: Extend yourself to others. Self-absorption backfires. It only serves to deepen depression and worry. Going out to serve others lifts the cloud around yourself and allows you to become both blessed and a blessing.


N: Never say "never". The resilient spirit knows that there is always tomorrow.


T: Thanks-give it! There is much to be grateful for.


(c) 2002 by Eileen McDargh. All rights reserved.


About The Author


Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE, is an international speaker, author and seminar leader. Her book 'The Resilient Spirit' is the companion piece to her talks on resiliency and spirit. For more information on Eileen and her presentations, please call 949-496-8640 or visit



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