Life Tunnels

By Monica Gomez



Last week I felt kind of blue for a couple of days, and I shared this with a friend of mine who is far away.  Those moments when everything seems to go wrong, when one does not feel like getting out of bed and, even though you have spiritual beliefs, or you may read about it, or keep repeating positive statements, nothing seems to help.


During one of the talks with my friend, trying to find an explanation to soothe us, I came up with the idea that I was going through a tunnel, and I thought it was really useful to compare this with the moments we go through in life.


For instance, there are short tunnels where we can see the exit as soon as we enter.  We do not get too distressed as we know we are coming up to the end soon.  As if we are waiting for a solution we already know it is going to come.


But there are also longer tunnels.  When we get into them, we can see nothing, and that unknown, that uncertainty scares us a lot, as we do not know where it ends.  However, when we walk along the way and, if we know there is a way out, we can go through it fearlessly.  The problem in life is that we forget there exists a way out.  If we did not forget – that sooner or later, there will always be a way out – I guess we would not feel so bad.  That would help us go through "the tunnel," the difficult situation, in a different way, knowing that there exist a beginning and an end.


Then there are sometimes we enter into a tunnel where we cannot see the way out, we can not see the end.  We think this will be a very long, dark journey.  Yet, this tunnel has a bend that prevents us from seeing its exit.  It may be quite short and we could come out into light very soon but we do not know that.  We keep walking and we suddenly come across this bend, and once we make the turn we see the light at the end and we say: "What a relief!"


How often we experience these situations in life!


Then, of course, there are those times when we walk and the heat of the sun bears down on us.  Even though there is light and the green of nature and we feel a warming embrace, when we get into the dark of the tunnel we experience a sense of relief.  Likewise, an evident difficulty in life could easily become an opportunity to get rid of something that troubles us.


Perhaps it would be good to see life this way.  We walk along a road, towards a goal, knowing we will have to go through tunnels, dark moments, that may be longer or shorter sometimes.  We may not see the way out but it is there and knowing that can even provide us with a sense of relief.


That is life.  Occasionally, if we are very analytical, we tend to look for what is impossible to find: "What's wrong with me?  Why does this happen?  Where does it come from?  What am I supposed to do?"  Then there is the typical question that arises when we believe in spiritual matters: "What am I supposed to learn here?"  Sometimes there might be nothing special to analyze or learn.  It is just a question of going through those tunnels because they are part of life that comprises everything: sun, light, darkness.


That is our way.  Let's walk along it every day, with faith and confidence, going through our tunnels and when we walk out of them we should not forget to enjoy the wonderful things we have.



About the Author


Monica Gomez is a qualified counselor from Argentina. For over 20 years she’s been conducting trainings and seminars, helping people lead better lives by learning how to deal with everyday challenges. She’s the author of “Aprender a Dar” (Learning how to Give), a compilation of 52 of her articles, whose insights are drawn both from her heart and her personal experience. She now lives in Italy, with her husband and their son.

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