Growing From Good To Great
 by: Jeff Earlywine


I have never been fond of white-water rafting, probably because I don’t like cold water. The sport consists of a raft, fast moving cold water, raft riders, and a raft leader/guide. I once saw a picture of a group of girls out for some white-water rafting fun. The girls in the picture were all smiling and waving to the camera while the leader’s eyes were straining to see down stream. No doubt he was looking for the next big rock, up coming turns in the river, or other challenges that they would have to navigate.


To move from a good leader to a great leader you need to be a leader that keeps “going” because of your vision, a leader that is continually “growing”, and a leader that is “showing” your team how to achieve a preferred future.


What gives you the energy to keep going is a balance between your personal vision and identified passion. True vision is inseparable from the leader, and reflects the leader's most basic values and beliefs. If it does not, the leader cannot “sell” the vision to his or her team with integrity. If a leader does not instill confidence, then the vision will not inspire a following.


If you are like many who are asking, “How do I find my personal vision or a vision for my organization?” The following questions will help you on your quest:


In order to keep growing you must manage your daily agenda. Your daily agenda is managed with good time management techniques. The real question is… “Are you the master of your time, or is it the master of you?” The following concepts will help you maximize the twenty-four hours that God has given you today:

To have an A-Team in your organization you need acquire the best talent possible. Talent is many times hidden, but once found it is like a polished gem. The leadership skills and abilities in your team will only be increased as you increase yours. Simply stated, “The better leader you become the better leaders your team members become.” As a leader, you must always remember that your team is watching and waiting for you to lead them with committed excellence and exuberant passion. As your team begins the journey to A-Team status your job will be to show them how to think with creative minds, and to empower them to accomplish the organizations vision and mission.


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