A Teen’s Point of View on Sex “So Young”



Hi!  I’m 16 years old and I know what it’s like to get those urges to go further than kissing.  You don’t have to take it as far as sex though.  You probably won’t like the end results.  Sometimes there is more than just a result of thinking how great it felt.  Sex is more serious.  I’m sure most of you have heard about STD’s.  Well, about some of the STD’s; have you really understood or heard of them? Doing research and paying attention to my parents, or listening to presentations and schooling helped me to understand better.


Here are a few brief things I can explain.  I’m no expert but I try to help with what I know.  Condoms don’t protect from all STD’s like herpes and warts.  You can get them from oral and any other sexual activities.  So guys and girls think twice before you put your mouths in certain places. You probably know of crabs… yuck… LOL.  Watch to make sure your partner is clean of those too.  Chlamydia… now there is one that you can get rid of along with a couple others such as gonorrhea and syphilis.  That does not mean it would be pleasant or OK.  Again, just because you can cure them doesn’t make it OK.


You need to be careful.  Just a little more information if you want to learn more.  Certain STD’s are not curable – such as herpes.  A cream can be used to help the breaking out of the sore but no permanent cure.  The same is true of hepatitis B and of course, AIDS.  It’s a killer.  There are so many people out there unaware of all kinds of diseases and even unaware that they may have one.  Some people don’t care.  Again, be careful – there are some real jerks out there.


Guys, you should keep your pride in your pants for a few more years.  One day you might find it’s best.  It’s OK to not have sex like the other idiot-like teens who screw a different girl every other day or week.  A guy who hides his pride – looks at what’s on the inside.  That’s what a girl wants in a guy if they are looking for a real relationship.


I remember many occasions where people – guys, I should say – would want to get in my pants just to get in my pants.  Girls, say “No”.  Don’t take that risk.  Don’t cry because he didn’t care truly, because he gave you something you’d regret, because you might end up being pregnant with a child you didn’t plan to have.


I have never had to carry a child or anything, but I’ve known those who have.  It’s not something to just do.  I may sound like some of the lecturing parents out there, but they are right.  Wait – just wait to have sex.  Protect your body – keep those eyes dry – keep good memories – and be a kid before you might raise one yourself.


I am a normal teen and so are you.  Urges come and go but the choice comes once and is made once.  Make it a good one.  Life will be easier and you will be much happier later down the road.  Be careful and have fun carefully.



Kylie M. Peterson

Age 16





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